The Lafontaine Park skating rink

Located in Lafontaine Park, this natural ice will charm you. Enjoy a moment in the heart of the city, with family or friends, to reconnect with the pleasures of winter.

Opening hours

  • 10:30 am to 8 pm
  • 10 am to 8 pm

*Note that the facility may stay open until 10 pm depending on traffic. It may also be closed when weather conditions make the ice rink impracticable.

Opening season

Because it is a natural ice rink, we open as soon as the rink of the south basin or the Lafontaine Park is functional.

Check out the city website (District of the Plateau-Mont-Royal) for the state of the ice.

* Access to the rink is free.



  • Lafontaine Park
    3933 Avenue du Parc-Lafontaine
    Montreal (Quebec) H2L 0C7
    (adjacent to the skaters' room under the restaurant of the Lafontaine Park)
  • (438) 793-3930


Our rates

Items for rentalPrices *
Skate rental

We have a stock of 200 skates for men, women and children. Available sizes range from 1 to 14 for men, 1 to 12 for women and 8 to 13 for children.
Padlock rental
Helmet rental$4.35
Skate coach rental$4.35
Skates sharpening$6.95
Snow shoes$8.70
* Taxes are not included.
** An ID card in deposit is required as a guarantee for the whole duration of the equipment rental.
Items for salePrices *
Winter hat$6.75
Neck tube$6.75
Woolen socks$9.99
Blade protectors$8.70
Hand warmers$1.99
Foot warmers$2.99
We also offer skating lessons for beginners of at least 6 years old. Click here for more information.

Some pics of the rink

How to get there?