The Lafontaine Park skating rink

Located in Lafontaine Park, this natural ice will charm you. Enjoy a moment in the heart of the city, with family or friends, to reconnect with the pleasures of winter.

Opening hours

  • 10:30 am to 10 pm
  • 10 am to 10 pm
*Note that the facility is closed when weather conditions make the ice rink impracticable.

Opening season

Because it is a natural ice rink, we open as soon as the rink of the south basin or the Lafontaine Park is functional.

Check out the city website (District of the Plateau-Mont-Royal) for the state of the ice.

* Access to the rink is free.



  • Lafontaine Park
    3933 Avenue du Parc-Lafontaine
    Montreal (Quebec) H2L 0C7
    (adjacent to the skaters' room under the restaurant of the Lafontaine Park)
  • (514) 523-8298


Our rates

Items for rentalPrices *
Skate rental

We have a stock of 200 skates for men, women and children. Available sizes range from 1 to 14 for men, 1 to 12 for women and 8 to 13 for children.
Padlock rental
Helmet rental$4.35
Skate coach rental$4.35
Skates sharpening$6.95
Skates declawing$4.35
Snow shoes$8.70
* Taxes are not included.
** An ID card in deposit is required as a guarantee for the whole duration of the equipment rental.
Items for salePrices *
Winter hat$6.75
Neck tube$6.75
Woolen socks$9.99
Blade protectors$8.70
Hand warmers$1.99
Foot warmers$2.99
We also offer skating lessons for beginners of at least 6 years old. Click here for more information.

Some pics of the rink

How to get there?