As of December 22, 2021

In order to offer you a pleasant and safe experience, we have implemented hygiene measures at our rental centers for the winter season 2021-2022.
  • According to the directives of Santé Quebec, the wearing of a mask or a face covering is mandatory in the closed or partially covered public spaces for people of 10 years and more. Visitors should therefore wear their mask when entering the rental center.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are set up at the entrance to the store and all visitors are encouraged to sanitize their hands upon arrival.
  • Payment is made at checkout by debit or credit card using a contactless terminal.
  • The number of visitors admitted to the rental center is limited to the number that allows us to respect the instructions for physical distancing of two (2) meters.
  • The physical distance of two (2) meters must be respected in queues. To help you, markings on the ground indicate the distance to be respected between each visitor.

Equipment rental

  • It is allowed to enter the shop to rent equipment. Visitors aged 10 and over should wear a mask or face cover indoors.
  • Visitors should disinfect their hands before completing the rental agreement.
  • An ID is required for rental. The ID card will be given back to the visitor upon return of the equipment. The card will be disinfected before and after any handling by our staff.
  • When possible, the equipment is placed on the counter for a contactless rental.
  • All pairs of skates tried, but not rented, are disinfected before being put back on the shelves.

Return of equipment

  • Visitors should return their equipment to the location marked for return.
  • Equipment returned by visitors will be disinfected after each use.
  • Participants can take back their ID card once it has been disinfected.
  • Visitors must disinfect their hands at the end of the rental.